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New Mystery Novel Explores the Ebbs and Flows of Friendship
Relationships play heavily in new L.A. crime novel

Set in Los Angeles in the last half of the 20th century, Shattered Triangle tells the story of a grizzled L.A.P.D. detective who comes to the aid of two childhood friends – twin brothers, one a politician and one a priest – when the politician’s wife and children become the victims of cold-blooded murder. But the detective finds his friendships tested when the investigation begins to suggest that the secret to the killings may lie in the three men’s shared past…and in the different types of men they have become.

An excerpt from Shattered Triangle:

I was amazed by and somewhat in awe of the man he had become. I discovered that for all his self-centeredness, he could be a deeply caring person. As Giovanni’s identical twin, some concern for others was inescapable. But what I saw was a profound display of compassion. I did not know that Giuseppe could care so deeply for a friend. I never knew he could place someone else and someone else’s concerns before his own. That was not our experience as children, nor even while we were in college.

From the author:

“Shattered Triangle
is a story about how the choices people make in life shape – and continuously reshape – their relationships. The novel explores how the support and comfort of friendships can help a person overcome great tragedies.

Interpersonal relations help define who we are. The relationships in Shattered Triangle are complex and raise questions about modern society and its values. The book examines the role of personal integrity in the pursuit of success and questions the means of achieving the goals we set for ourselves.”


Three friends, inseparable as children, take very different paths toward adulthood. In spite of the distances that emerge among them, they are thrust together by the tragedy of death. Each affected in different ways.

Giuseppe Lozano, candidate for U.S. Senate, returns home one night to find his wife and three children mysteriously murdered. There seems to be no motive, and little evidence is left at the scene. How will this affect him and his run for office?

Giovanni Lozano, a Catholic priest, is forced to look beyond the violence to find the presence of God. As a brother and uncle, he feels anger and a desire for revenge. As a priest he is torn by the call of a God who loves all people--good and bad. Can he forgive?

Tom Moran, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, is charged with finding the murderer and building a case for justice. He feels no call to forgive. Nor is he driven by ambition. This case is personal. But can he deliver?

Three lives. Three friends. Will the bonds of friendship survive?