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Shattered Triangle is a trilogy of books that spring from a brutal Los Angeles murder. They center around three primary characters—twin brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe Lozano and their childhood friend, Tom Moran. As the men grow their careers and interests diverge. Giovanni becomes a priest, Giuseppe a business man turned politician, and Tom a lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department.

In book one, A Consequential Murder, the men remain friends from childhood but their lives are disrupted by the incomprehensible murder of Giuseppe’s wife and three children. The relationships among them are strained as the murder investigation unfolds and the truth emerges. The first book is narrated by Giuseppe Lozano.

Tom Moran takes over the narration in book two, Beleaguered Truth, which is now in pre-publication. Book three, which has yet to be titled is narrated by Giovanni Lozano and is currently being written.

Complete information is available on the Shattered Triangle website.

Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder
Release date: June 19, 2014
Available from Black Rose Writing or from your online or local bookseller.

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