Comments Received:

Thank you for your Q & A. I am particularly grateful for an answer you gave to one of my questions. It was considerably more in-depth than I expected. You gave me so much good advice in your response that I will read it many more times. By the way, your entire website is great! It is a voice that is very much needed, not just in the Catholic Church, but in the Christian community at large. Thank you--Roy

There must still be ministries and life ahead where you will make a difference. You bring another view of Our Lord in our midst--Rob

During your years at USC, you were an integral and vital part of the Church's ministry and of inestimable value to the students. Even after five years, you are incredibly missed, though the students were unfortunate not to know you, do not realize what they are missing out on.Thank you for all you did--Amy

Thank you for this website. I used to attend the Catholic Center at USC when I was in graduate school. I always enjoyed your sermons which were intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking. I want to let you know that I truly appreciated the work you did while at the USC Catholic Center. The website helps--Raechelle

I always enjoyed your homilies, intellect and sense of humor. Thank you for giving me great memories!--Diedre

Since I have been around 8 years old, I have lived in fear of going to hell when I die (as well as my loved ones)--every single day of my life...for nearly 30 years. Then for some reason I happened on your website. While I am not "cured", people say I have become less anxious. I still struggle, but you gave me peace of mind--Jim

It is disappointing that so many, esp. students, do not seek a more complex and/or challenging view of their faith. I suppose that many it is much more comfortable to hold the traditions and rituals of the church as unquestionable. Change or challenge is scary and disruptive. I noticed on your "Q & A" page that a questioner felt your views made it so that every part of their faith was thrown into disarray and everything was justified. That is the core fear so many would just rather avoid. Thank you--Jeff

You have so much to give and contribute to others, evidenced in part on your successes at USC. As no other priest I know, you have helped thousands of students and parents to find their way and to have a more positive direction in their life. I shall always be grateful for your influence that gave me a new respect for the Church that I had lost over the last 50 years--George

I have learned a great deal about our Catholic faith from you, and your homilies over the years have prompted a great amount of thought, soul-searching and personal improvement. I believe this also has been a great benefit to others. After graduating from USC I drove back regularly from the Westside because I needed to be informed and challenged by your keen intellect and insight. I have found going to Mass elsewhere to be less than satisfying and engaging. Thank you for this website--Peter

Being on the conservative side of the fence I have definitely not always agreed with what you had to say, but I appreciated the fact that my faith and thoughts were challenged in Church. Without you as the pastor at the Catholic Center I am unsure where my faith would have gone while in college, because I really want to go to church to listen to what you would say each week. Universal salvation will be taken with me forever. Thanks for this website--James

I have always received so much from you, your homilies, and your authenticity in the way you approach your faith and those who come to you for guidance--Sharon

I am from Texas, and I was raised up to be scared of religion. I literally was told that I would go to hell if I sinned worse enough, e.g. if I skipped Church a lot, did this or that, etc. You have really turned everything around for me--like all of Catholicism all makes sense now--it’s not about rules. Now I see the world out of love, rather than fear. Thanks a lot for showing me that--Tom

I have learned a great deal about the Catholic Faith from you, and your your homilies have prompted a great amount of thought, soul-searching and personal improvement that I believer has also bee a great benefit to others--Peter

You are not just a great priest but a great modern thinking individual. The Church needs more priests like you in order to move into a modern approach to religion--George

Just dropping in to tell you how much I’m enjoying the website and how important it is and will continue to be for me. There is not other “you” out there speaking to those things. **I** need to hear!--Pat