“If you want peace, work for justice”


National Priorities Project

In a society drunk with violence and war, this website should prove sobering. It lists the staggering costs of war in real time. It also examines the cost in the light of the human and social needs that are sacrificed in pursuit of political ambition.


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Faith in Action for Social Justice
A resource center for study and worship materials, DVDs, books, bumper stickers, magnets, etc.


The health of the planet is a justice and moral concern of the highest degree. I recommend the following:

Climate and Energy
(includes a fact sheet on “Ten Things You Can Do To Help Curb Global Warming”)

Environmental Defense
(National Nonprofit Organization protecting the planet)


A Daily Prayer for Justice and Mercy

Jesus, united with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
give us your compassion for those in prison.

Mend in mercy the broken in mind and memory.
Soften the hard of heart, the captives of anger.
Free the innocent; parole the trustworthy.
Awaken the repentance that restores hope.
May prisoners’ families persevere in their love.

Jesus, heal the victims of crime. They live with their scars.
Lift to eternal peace those who die.
Grant victims’ families the forgiveness that heals.

Give wisdom to lawmakers and to those who judge.
Instill prudence and patience in those who guard.
Make those in prison ministry bearers of your light,
for all of us in need of your mercy!



Important Resources:

Catholic Theology

'7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching'
The Just War Doctrine
Disciples of Peace? By R. Scott Appleby

Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Voting Rights

Brennan Center for Justice—NYU School of Law
Common Cause—Supporting free, fair and secure elections
Priorites USA—Fighting for progressive values


Statement on Poverty—Christian Churches Together in the USA

Death Penalty

'Justice is a Grim Reaper in Texas'—National Catholic Reporter


Lambda Legal—Achieving full recognition of the civil rights of LGBTQ people
Proposition 22—by Equal Partners in Faith


Never Forget

I forgave you
your entire debt
because you begged me to.
Should you not have pity
on your fellow servant,
as I have had pity on you?

(Matthew 18:32-33)