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This page originated as a place for college students to submit questions about their life and faith. As part of the internet, it quickly evolved into a forum for anyone to submit questions. Though many of these concern the Catholic faith, others are more general and may be of interest to other Christians, people of other faiths, and perhaps to non-believers, also.

I would like to note that the Catholic Church is no more monolithic than any other community. As can be seen from the articles on the Faith Discussion page, there is a spectrum of Catholic thought embracing a wide range of view points. This page is no different. It is not my intention to present absolute answers. Even the Catechism of the Catholic Church cannot do that.

Cardinal John Henry Newman pioneered the concept of the "development of dogma" in the 19th Century. Since Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council, that concept has become a bedrock in Catholic theology and teaching. While the foundation of our faith remains rooted in the Revelation of God and the Tradition of the Church, ours is a living faith. As such we seek to express, explain and understand our faith in new ways and new formulations for new generations, all the while maintaining the elements and expressions of our faith that allow Catholics to be Catholic. These, however, are not as restrictive as some would have.

On this page I will engage in dialogue with people who are seeking a deeper understanding of God or of the Catholic Faith as well as those who have general questions about life and our relationship with one another. I will attempt to provide some updated thought to questions that are not always addressed in preaching for people who cannot always keep abreast of theological development.
These answers are not the end of the discussion, but a resource for continued reflection and thought. As I do in the introduction to the Faith Discussion page, I wish to quote St. Anselm: "Theology is faith seeking understanding".

Have questions of your own? Are there issues of the Catholic Faith, questions about God, morality or justice that have perplexed you? Please email any questions to:
Ask Fr. Bill, or use the Contact Me page. I will send you a personal answer, and questions posted on the website will be anonymous.

Latest update, 14 August, 2019