What is Faith Discussion?

Faith is a wonderful gift from God. It cannot be achieved merely through the use of reason. But without reason and reflection, faith--what one might call “blind faith”--is both unbecoming a human person and insulting to the God who gave us faith and reason.

St. Anselm is credited with coining the phrase: Theology is faith seeking understanding. Hopefully, the articles and reflections that follow will enable the reader to better reflect on the Catholic Christian Faith. They are intended to inform, to challenge, and to generate discussion and dialogue. These articles are not the last word on any topic.

As intelligent people of faith, we should be able to share our experiences and understanding of God with one another as we journey together toward the fullness of God’s kingdom. We may at times disagree, but that is what dialogue is all about. Through faith, reflection and dialogue we reach common understanding and build the kingdom. Let’s get busy.


Theological Challenges:


Moral Issues:

Cultural - Religious Issues: